It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

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'do it for the vine'


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Spending some time in nature




Did Disney think Floridians were some alien race or something.

We are

too accurate 

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Applying for jobs is starting to feel a lot like


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Regarding the day before Disneyland’s official televised grand opening: "Walt spent much of Saturday night in the cramped spaces of the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea exhibit, spray-painting the backdrop behind the giant squid. Imagineer Ken Anderson was there too, trying to get the electrical and mechanical parts of the exhibit to work. Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, Walt and Ken decided to call it quits. They had given it their best shot, but the exhibit would have to open late.

They left the building together, walked up Main Street, and sat down on the curb near Town Square to take a much-needed break. They hadn’t been there more than a couple of minutes before someone ran to them, shouting, ‘There’s no power on the Toad ride! Someone cut the wires!’.

Walt groaned.

'Don't worry, Walt,' Ken said, rising wearily to his feet. 'I'll take care of it'.

As Ken left for Fantasyland, Walt stood and stretched. He decided to take a final inspection tour, then try and get some sleep.

Arriving at Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Ken Anderson was relieved to find that the power cables hadn’t been cut, just disconnected. In fact, several other Fantasyland rides were disconnected as well. Anderson sighed and went to work. ‘I went through all the wires’, he later recalled, ‘and, with some help from the electrician, we got them fixed so everything worked.’ (It turned out the sabotage was related to a dispute between two unions.)

After an hour or so, Anderson got the power back on. But one thing wasn’t functioning on opening day: Ken Anderson himself. After fixing the problem with the electrical box, he fell asleep in back of the Mr. Toad attraction. He snored through opening day.

Walt finished his final inspection tour with a stroll up Main Street. Then he climbed the stairs to his apartment over the firehouse, fell into bed, and was instantly asleep. During the next hour, he was continually awakened by people needing a last-minute decision. Finally, Walt took the phone off the hook. He slept for a couple of hours.

Rising soon after dawn, Walt dressed and mentally prepared himself for the big day. He headed to the door of his apartment, pulled the handle - but the door was stuck. Try as he might, he couldn’t open it. Walt was trapped in his own apartment. Tacky paint had sealed the door shut. Walt had to phone a maintenance crew to free him from the apartment.”

Recounted in How To Be Like Walt, by Pat Williams and Jim Denney.

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Main Street USA from Vacationland magazine, Winter/Spring 1964. Via Vintage Disneyland Tickets.

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Will this about cover it? This should cover it just fine, Lottie!

I just love Lottie’s adorable little jump here!!!

I love how Tiana was never too proud to accept help from friends, and the movie didn’t show this as making her any less hard working or devoted. I think that’s an important lesson.

Similarly, Lottie was always giving and loving, even though she was by all counts supposedly a spoiled brat. This is truly one of my favorite Disney friendships.

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